We think your new ride deserves better. Here are a few tips.

Avoid the impulse to slather the interior trim with shiny protectants, which can leach the plasticizers out of new vinyl and increase the likelihood of age-related cracks. On the other hand, a generous dousing of Scotchgard on the cloth upholstery and carpets will keep dirt, pollen and mildew from clinging.

In years past, it was considered a good idea to not wax a fresh paint job for 90 days, to allow the paint to fully cure and any solvents to escape without being trapped under the wax. Modern catalyzed clear-coat paint is as hard as it will ever be as soon as it cures, before the car ever leaves the plant. Applying 3M Paint Protection Film to the leading edge of the painted bodywork will go a long way toward minimizing stone-chip damage. Otherwise, a good coat of wax will repel water, atmospheric pollutants and dead bugs.

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