Today many manufactures like Audi, Bentley, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan GTR, Porsche, and VW prefer and in some case require the use of Celette Frame Machine to repair their vehicles.
Regardless of vehicle type and size, when repairing vehicle structural damage, Celette Frame Machine is best for speed and accuracy for most domestic and imported vehicles period.


(PNP 90 – SNW / RIV)

Lucky uses pneumo-hydraulic pressure intensifier PNP 90 and a hydraulic actuator that’s BMW certified for best results when it comes to stamping and riveting during body repairs.. The hydraulic pump is a pneumatically driven pressure intensifier with a pressure ratio of 1:100. Hydraulic output pressure of 600 bars is generated with input pressure of 6 bars. When the equipment’s preset final pressure is reached, the pump stops automatically and keeps the pressure constant. The hydraulic pump comes with a pneumatically controlled pressure relief valve for use.


Nothing but Quality of welds can tell what a welder is worth

Thanks to its unique technology, the performance of the gun and design of electrodes, SAITEK machines provide stronger welds than any other machine in the world for auto body repair. Metallurgical quality of the weld nugget is extremely thorough that metal breaks away from the nugget standing a very high shear force unlike other machines that generate deep indents with sharp edges resulting in poor breaking points that affects the strength of the assembly.
SAITEK has built a worldwide reputation upon its performance and reliability and is now the industry standard for auto repair welding.

SAITEK now offers more power and unique computerized control system that measures and adjusts the welding current every millisecond and guarantees and output power with a precision of +/- 0.3% through its CCC system (Constant Current Control). Big power in a small body. Saitek inverter welder is pure performance. It beats any other welder on the market.


DuPont is the world’s leading provider of innovative automotive paint and performance coatings designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the vehicle refinish process. This is exactly why Lucky relies on DuPont for restoring your car to its natural color and finish.
We take a 3-D spectrophotometer image of your car to perfectly match your original color for dent repair and scratch removal. The photo is then downloaded into our computer with your VIN (vehicle identification number) to reveal the exact paint formula. No guessing game here.
DuPont automotive paint is absolutely the best because it…

•Matches every imaginable color
•Made from strong materials to help protect from chips and scratches
•Available in primer, basecoats and clear coats for comprehensive auto repair coverage
•Designed for both plastic and metal cars, so any auto paint repair can be completed with DuPont automotive paints