We specialize in collision repair, from minor to major accidents. Our expertise range from small dents to full size frame straightening of vehicles of all sizes and shapes. We help you from the moment when you contact us even with all the frivolous paper work that are necessary for file claiming, car rental and even a tow service for your convenience. We even offer vehicle pickup and drop off service once the job is complete.

  • 1. The Accident

    • Contact insurance carrier
    • Drop by or schedule an appointment

    Filing a claim to your insurance company or the other party’s insurance company is always the first step after the accident occurs.  We will send you a tow truck if your car is not drivable.

  • 2. Your Estimate

    • Prepare estimate
    • Arrange rental car
    • Insurance company review
    • Provide contact info for updates via phone, email or text

    Your car will now be inspected to assess damage to come up with an accurate estimate.  This is usually done at our facility with inspection appoint set with your insurance estimator or by one of our on-site inspector.  Once the estimate is complete, you may choose to rent a car or receive a shuttle service to a near by destination of your choice

  • 3. Vehicle Disassembly

    • Vehicle taken apart to identify all damage seen and unseen
    • Customer and insurance company approval
    • Estimated completion date sent via phone, email or text

    Your vehicle is now take apart to identify and confirm assessed damage. Should unforeseen damages(supplements) be found during this process, Lucky will promptly contact you, the owner, to file for an additional repair either through your insurance provider or the responsible party.

  • 4. Vehicle Repair

    • Body, parts and mechanical repairs
    • First quality inspection

    While your vehicle is being repaired, we will keep you updated on any additional supplements and an approximate date of the repair completion. We could also provide you with photos of your vehicle during repair upon request.

  • 5. Vehicle Paint

    • Body smoothing and sanding
    • Primer, paint and clear coat applied
    • Second quality inspection
  • 6. Vehicle Reassembly

    • Vehicle put back together
    • Final delivery date reminder sent via phone, email or text
  • 7. Quality Assurance

    • Light detailing
    • Final Service Advisor quality assurance check
    • 39 point inspection performed that may include a vehicle test drive.

    When the repairs are complete, a thorough car wash is conducted make sure your car is clean inside and out.  The rigorous 39 point inspection is then performed to make sure everything is in order for delivery.

  • 8. On-Time Delivery

    • Pick up your vehicle on time/or delivered to your convenient location

    When you come to pick up your vehicle, we will together inspect your car to make sure you are satisfied with the final result.

  • 9. Lifetime Warranty

    • Limited Lifetime warranty by Lucky