As part of our continuing efforts to serve and give back to the community of Los Angeles, Lucky Auto Body is partnering with the Salvation Army to raise funds for the Red Shield Community Center located at 1532 W. 11th St., Los Angeles, CA 90015.

Lucky Auto Body has committed to raise:
• $10,000.00 in donations for Red Shield by 12/31/2016
• $50,000.00 in donations for Red Shield by 12/31/2017

• Total donation commitment: $60,000.00

The Salvation Army Red Shield is a youth and community center serving more than 4,000 children and their parents each year. The primary focus at the Red Shield is to guide and mentor young people and strengthen families by providing quality educational and recreational programs in a positive and safe environment that encourages personal growth that positively impacts family and community.


Our goal with this partnership is to assist Red Shield in providing the youth:

“Hope, Vision, and Opportunity.”

We believe all youth should be afforded the support to hope and dream about their future. Develop a vision to turn this hope into a roadmap for their success and finally be offered opportunity to make their vision a reality. Through our collective commitment, we will realize our goals to improve participants’ lives and the community through this project.
All donations will be directed fully to the Salvation Army Red Shield Youth Center.

**If Lucky Auto Body fails to RAISE the committed amounts. Lucky Auto Body Shop will DONATE all of the difference, up to the entire $60,000.00.

Web Link for Donations: https://www.youcaring.com/luckyautobody